Welcome to the Redline Cinema Circle  of Dreams:
Welcome to Redline Cinema LLC.
Come into a world of true entertainment.  Join us for stories that can be rugged, suspenseful, uplifting and engaging.  Take a trip to another time and another place or look into our stories as a mirror to a place called home.  Redline Cinema is a place of dreams.  Dare to dream with us.
Lightning, Iron and Mantis
The film takes place in Detroit in the year 2065. A police captain and master of northern king fu must stand against a corrupt police chief poised to usurp control of both the city and the crime-ridden underworld of half the nation.....
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  » Cold City
  » A Place Beyond Courage
Raising: Detroit
Raising is a documentary series focused on becoming successful in arts and entertainment.  The first of these documentaries will examine the struggles and triumphs......
  » Citizen X
  » Movie Magic
  » Bondsmen
A guardian spirit looks after a man, named Billy, for several years while he is alive and also after his death.  Billy is white and a bigot, the Guardian is black.  Bill’s grandfather, who fought against Hitler........
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  » One Day One Life
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